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Mission Statement

Maintaining Publishing Excellence

Okonkwo Press's mission is to inspire kids and families through faith-based books. We believe that readers deserve to see themselves in their books, and we seek to empower families to bring God into everyday stories and conversations. 

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Adanna Okonkwo is a 5th-grade illustrator who lives in Miami, FL, with her mom, dad, two siblings, and dog Aimee. She is a multi-hyphenate creative who trains in various dance styles and theater. Her current interests are all things arts and crafts.

Dominique Okonkwo is a Haitian-American award-winning author, wife, and mom of three who lives in Miami, FL. She is constantly inspired by her children and their many family adventures. She is passionate about publishing exceptional, inspirational literature that offers biblical encouragement to all. Her picture book series stars an adventurous young boy with a trusty blankie who learns the lessons of life with the help of the Word of God. For more from the author, visit You can also follow her on Instagram @MiamiMotherhood and @SuperObiBooks.

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