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Remain in the Vine

A 10-Week Daily Devotional Prayer Journal on the Fruit of the Spirit 

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I just want to congratulate you on this amazing work! I think this 10-week daily prayer journal can transform many lives, including mine.

Maria C.

I love the layout. It is attractive and easy to read, so that makes me want to read it! The devotionals are short and easy to understand, and they are varied.  Sometimes you relate a personal experience or an amusing anecdote; others are your observations.  I think this variety is helpful.

Pat B.

 I just want to say this prayer journal was just the right touch for my women's retreat. Our theme was "Fruit of the Spirit Connects to the Vine." #getconnected. The women really loved this special retreat gift, and the encouraging signed message from the author. I personally want to thank you for this inspirational thought-provoking prayer journal. May God continue to inspire you to encourage and inspire others.

Michele K.

Being a practical lady myself, I appreciate anything that compels me to produce Godly habits and this journal will do this for the reader who is ready and willing to do so! The personal stories you added to the devotionals also make this prayer journal inviting and warm; the reader will definitely enjoy relating to your struggles, triumphs, and just life. Lastly, I love the structure and look of the prayer journal.

Jennifer S.

Great job with your new devotional book regarding the fruit of the spirit! I like the fact that you get to spend an entire week to focus on a specific fruit of the spirit reading different scriptures to help understand. And then bringing it all together at the end as a refresher of everything that was reviewed was helpful. I think that this would be a good study tool for book clubs.

Kam C.

I am simply speechless. Your work is outstanding! The flow and outline is chilling. It’s so beautiful and peaceful; what every woman needs in her life.

Shafeah M.

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