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And so, the story begins ...

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

On July 27, 2011 I emailed a friend of mine with an idea that I had. The idea came to me one day all at once, as I was reflecting on my son, Obinna, and all the reasons why he was so special to me. If you know my son, he is such a character! Obi was about 3 at the time but still carried around a yellow blankie with him everywhere that provided him so much comfort and support no matter his situation. He slept with it, he drove in the car with it, he carried it around like it was his best friend. Inscribed on the blankie was the wording, "Dear God, this is my favorite thing!", and it definitely was!

I wish I could tell you who gave Obi this blankie. I wish I could thank them for the gift he carried with him around for so many years. I don't know exactly when he stopped toting it around, but Obi kept this blankie and still has it tucked away in his drawer and he is almost 13!

I started thinking about his adventures as a little boy who with his blankie could accomplish anything. The email to my friend was to help illustrate Obi as a character and with some rough requirements and real-life pictures, Serge was able to translate my vision.

I've authored a picture book! I am currently in the process of getting it published and I thank you in advance for following my journey! Please subscribe to my website to get all the latest updates on my project and to see what happens next.

(The attached sketch is NOT a final version of my illustration but just a favor drafted from a brilliant artist and friend, Serge Gay Jr. Please check out his IG @sergegayjr to take a look at his artistry)

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1 Comment

Petoria Adeyemi
Petoria Adeyemi
May 08, 2021

How cute!!! So excited for you! Looking forward to the final product

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