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Meet Super Obi's Family in this Character Reveal!

Super Obi is the main character in "The Adventures of Super Obi" book series, but he is not alone. Yes, the stories and characters for this book are inspired by my real life, which should not come as a surprise. These books will be as authentic as it gets because its stories come from a real place.

Who is Obi and why is he so super? Are not all children his age with the imagination to be and do anything they put their minds to super? Obi is also an African American kid who has a nuclear family and a trusty blankie that gives him the courage to face any obstacle, including those he created. Obi happens to be modeled by my first-born son, Obinna Okonkwo. I am Haitian-American and Obi's father is Nigerian. I also have two other children with loads of personality and have had many adventures with my kids that I know all families can relate to. As a child, Obinna would carry his yellow blankie with him for comfort and courage and I believe many children still have those security objects for emotional support during their early adolescent years. In the story, Obi’s blankie, when tied around his neck as a cape, gives him the strength and courage to conquer his fears and anxieties.

In book #1, “Nothing to Fear”, Obi has just been tucked into bed by his mother for the night, only to find himself jumping out of bed to face those things that go bump in the night … or does he? How does Super Obi conquer these obstacles? Does he face his fears or cower under his blanket? “Nothing to Fear” is a super adventure bedtime story for the whole family that will include a short devotional at the end of the story. Move aside “Curious George" and "The Berenstain Bears" and watch out for “The Adventures of Super Obi” that will relate to today’s children of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Meet the family! Below, are Super Obi, his mom, and his dad. Who is that monster and what does he have to do with the story? Well, I can't give you everything about the story, can I?! This sketch was done by my book illustrator as an initial character development draft. (Note: Artwork and design are not finalized and may be subject to change).

Again, thank you for following my author journey and for all of your feedback and support! If you haven't already, please subscribe to my website to get all the latest updates on my project and to see what happens next.

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