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My book is LIVE ... now what?

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It has been a crazy couple of months, but I am so grateful to be ending the year on a high note! Thanks to many of you, I was able to surpass my Kickstarter funding goal which enabled me to order the books needed to fulfill your rewards and become a published author! Since then, I've been able to fulfill all of the rewards (minus 10) of those early supporters and also get the paperback version of my book available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and (please note, that the first edition hardcover books can ONLY be sold on my website and are signed by me).

On Amazon, I quickly became a #1 Hot New Release in several categories and am still trending well on the Best Sellers Ranking on my top 3 categories, i.e. Children's Christian Prayer Books, Children's Christian Bedtime Fiction, and Children's Christian Books. Guys ... there are A LOT of books out there so to be trending in these categories is a big deal! Thank you for your book reviews on Amazon, I love to see all of the great feedback, so please keep them coming!

In addition, I was asked to speak at my first vending event during Art Basel weekend where I was able to participate in a business panel, sell my books, and meet so many amazing families. I received so many great comments and questions on my vending set-up and items that I used for my publishing company, I decided to create a page dedicated to all of the items that I've ordered from Amazon to support my business (see the link below).

Meet a couple of the cuties I met at this event. I have more pictures posted on my Instagram account.

Lastly, in addition to customer reviews, I received a 5-Star Readers' Favorite review seal from this organization which confirms what I knew all along. Families love Super Obi just like I knew they would!

Look, I don't claim to know everything there is about the publishing world. In fact, I feel like I learn something new about it every day! But what I do know that is with a little passion, dedication, and a little help, you can do anything that God has put on your heart to do! Don't limit yourself from following your dreams because you don't know how to do something! We live in a day and age where most of everything you want to learn is on the internet, you just have to take the time to find and study it. Trust and verify your sources, devise a plan, and execute it (even if it's slow-moving). I know what I am saying is easier said than done, but you can do hard things. The New Year is just around the corner, so here is your opportunity to think about how you want to start and how you want to finish.

That said, I am excited for all the things I am currently cooking up for 2022 with Super Obi and his family. Thanks for sticking along for the ride! I'll have some specials coming out for my supporters soon. Stay tuned!

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