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We Are Only Just 9 Days Away!

On April 5th of this year, I completed my first blog post. In that post, I detailed a vision that I had 10 years ago to write a story about a boy, inspired by my son. Now, exactly 6 months later, I will be able to share this book (10 years in the making) with everyone ... worldwide! I am so excited for my Kickstarter launch on October 5th, and being able to take preorders for the book. I specifically chose to launch on this day because it is the day after my son's 13th birthday and it was only fitting. Honestly, he may just be more excited about the launch than I am!

The Kickstarter page will have all kinds of information regarding not only how to order the book, but all of the "perks" that you can order as rewards. I've decided to give my subscribers a SNEAK PEAK on what you will see on the launch day and all of the exclusive rewards you can pledge for in addition to pre-ordering your books. Note: Some of these items are in limited quantities so the earlier you place your orders, the better.

You will be able to order the following:

Signed copies of the book (8"x10")

Sticker sheets (8"x10")

Custom embroidered baby blankets (30"x40") which read, "Dear God, Thank You For My Favorite Thing."

Customized family portrait (digital file plus an 11"x14" printed copy) drawn by the book illustrator for up to 6 people

And for those of you who don't have pre-school/elementary school kids or grandkids but still want to see this book come to fruition, there are 4 organizations that I have highlighted on the campaign page where books can be donated to (your choice):

  • Many Hands International: Their mission is to provide free high quality academic and vocational education for Haitian children to empower them to attain self-sufficiency and to become leaders in their communities.

  • One Miami Church: Kingdom Kids Ministry: Their purpose is Jesus (Col 1:17). Their mission is for people to know Him (John 17:3). They are a diverse family, with many cultures and many nations.

  • Broward Christian Academy: They desire that their student’s discovery of the world around them is influenced by a respect for God as both Father and Creator; a spirit of cooperation that is also capable of being independent; and the freedom of creative expression. Students will be provided with age-appropriate experiences in Bible, math, science, literature, music, art, and social studies.

  • The local library system in Miami, FL

As you can tell, I've been really busy these last 6 months, and this is only the beginning. So, SAVE THE DATE for October 5th so you can take advantage of the 48 hr early bird pricing. There is still time to pre-register for the launch via this link,, and I thank you all so very much for your support and for following me on this publishing journey.

I'll also be doing a 7-day countdown on my Instagram account (@miamimotherhood) and have some fun pre-launch and launch day activities planned such as IG Lives, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, and some other fun and engaging content. So please follow along there if you want to be included on that platform.

See you on October 5th and please share this email with your friends and family to get the word out about this launch to show your support!

With Gratitude,


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