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Drumroll, please! Meet the Super Obi Book #2 Crew!

What happens when you pair Super Obi with a big sister, little sister, on a day when nothing goes how he wants it to? You get The Adventures of Super Obi: Yes, I Can!

In book number 1, Nothing to Fear, Obi gets tucked in for the night and comes face to face with his fears. For those who may not already have the book, I don't want to spoil the ending of this mystery--but book number 2, Yes, I Can, picks up the following Saturday morning.

What transpires at your house on Saturday morning? Isn't it amazing how kids are so reluctant to wake up during a school day but bounce out of bed bright and early on Saturday morning? In this book, Obi and all his energy are ready to take on the day, but nothing turns out how he imagined it.

This The Adventures of Super Obi series is centered around the Word of God. Each story has a moral that is inspired by God's teaching. The quiet time for this story is focused on Philippians 4:13, "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." As intended, each book is designed to help the reader and the child understand the story's moral and how to apply it to their everyday life.

"Did you know that we can do anything with God's help? You can always pray to God for help in your time of need. No matter how big or how small." This heartwarming story leads children through Super Obi's social-emotional adventure as they learn to lean on God for help when situations don't happen as planned.

Yes, I Can was derived from real-life events and contains a little surprise, similar to book one. I can't wait to share more, but I am excited the Illustrations for this book are underway. So without further ado, let's introduced the main characters!

  • From left to right, Adanna is Obi's older sister. She is cool, helpful, and full of spunk. She helps Obi to get out of a sticky situation.

  • Baby Amara is Obi's little sister. She is cute, cuddly, and loud! See what happens with her early on in the story.

  • Of course, Obi's dad and mom help Obi navigate his emotions, reaffirm their love for him, and helps him to process his feelings and emotions using God's Word.

Fun fact: Obi is the oldest of my three children in real life. Since I started this series based on a story I wrote before our other two children were born, to include both sisters in the story, I made Adanna the oldest sibling to balance the children's ages, making Obi the middle child. But Adanna's essence remains the same. Her character is very much like her in real life. I claim my creative license! Lol.

Many of you have been asking me for the next story, and I am so excited to share this next book with you all before the holidays. Super Obi and all his adventures can not be published fast enough, and I am so thankful for your love and support of this picture book series.

If you are interested in joining the launch team for this book to receive an advance copy and be able to provide early feedback on the design, please reply to this email that you want to be added. As we get closer to finishing the illustrations, I will contact you with further steps before I make the book accessible to everyone!

Here is one more sample illustration that I'd like to share. Part of my editing process is running the drafts by my children and getting their feedback. The relationship between Obi and his older sister Adanna is unique, and my illustrator did a great job capturing that! I showed this to my youngest daughter Amara (she's 5), and she started laughing hysterically at the photo, confirming that I was on the right track. Working with the same illustrator for book number 2 is a blessing because I appreciate her comprehension of my illustrations notes and her artistry. She is fantastic!

My illustration note was as follows: Add an illustration to the page with the family photo in a frame. Mom, Dad, Obi, Adanna, and baby Amara take a family photo on their couch. Super Obi is making a funny face, and big sister Adanna looks at him, annoyed.

She nailed it, right?! What do you think?

Stay tuned for further updates!

Many Blessings,


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